Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Troll Under The Bridge

Recently Cherry develops a new sleeping habit. She sleeps under the bridge but it's a semi half position. The head on the inside and her bum outside! -___-"

Looks like a troll under the bridge, whoever passed by the bridge will be attacked by her. :D


Noi❤AnL said...

Hai Cherry.. Long time no update from u.. kinda miss u guys alot, u know ;)

kisetsu said...

Cherry: "Squeak squeak. Because the owner is a very lazy person!"

Owner: =p

noobcook said...

so cute! Mario occasionally likes to "show backside" too ... when he's in the daiso ceramic hamster thing.

Yes, more updates please :)

kisetsu said...

Ooh, the daiso hamhead is soooo small. I think EG or Scratch sure unable to squeeze in. So I gave it to Cherry and she likes it alot. Alas, I decided to change toys and tat was removed. She was unhappy ever since and new sleeping methods come out! :D

ippo456 said...

Hamsters always find the strangest places to sleep in.
Where did you buy that bridge? I like :-)

kisetsu said...

This was bought from our $2 shop (Japan's Daiso in Singapore). I think it's very cheap considering petshop sells these like 8-9bucks!

Sadly, they don't carry them anymore. :(