Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Farewell To Earl Grey

Our favourite boy passed on this morning. EG has been getting weaker as each day passes. Yesterday, I came home to a frail him sitting solemnly at one corner. Gave him food and he ate some. After patting his head, his cataract eyes seem to look at me (abeit sad) but he laid to one side and sleep.

This morning, I found him motionless under the beddings. It looks like Herbie has already done a pre-burial for him by covering his body with a mould of beddings. The anxious little squeak was jumping about when I removed his body and she was not pacified even when I gave her a new bowl of food.

EG's 'furneral' will be held tonight.

The last photo of the couple


masterofboots said...

NOOOOOOoooo! I hate sad love stories! Just when they are getting along so fine too. You take care *sniff sniff*, and herbie too :(

Paula Regina said...

Sorry for the loss of EG. :(((
I know how much it hurts to lose a big friend.
Big hug in your heart. Stay well

wiffy said...

very sorry for your loss :( EG was such a guai hamster and he enjoyed a great long life. Really hope Herbie can comes to terms with the loss soon, she is such a sweet hamham. U take care too.

kisetsu said...

Thanks all for the condolences. We are spending more time with Herbie for her to get used to living alone (she bugs us even more now). Yes, EG lived a long life of 2yrs 8mths and hence is one of the longest-life hams.

dashingblue said...

Didn't read this until now... So sad to hear that EG is gone. :( I miss the chub chub him and his love life revolving around Rubie and Herbie. I still remember the day when you adopted Kopi and EG... Thank you so much for taking such good care of them Pam. :)