Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Farewell To Earl Grey

Our favourite boy passed on this morning. EG has been getting weaker as each day passes. Yesterday, I came home to a frail him sitting solemnly at one corner. Gave him food and he ate some. After patting his head, his cataract eyes seem to look at me (abeit sad) but he laid to one side and sleep.

This morning, I found him motionless under the beddings. It looks like Herbie has already done a pre-burial for him by covering his body with a mould of beddings. The anxious little squeak was jumping about when I removed his body and she was not pacified even when I gave her a new bowl of food.

EG's 'furneral' will be held tonight.

The last photo of the couple

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Couple That Eat & Sleep Together

It has been a hell of 2 weeks coming since the relocation of the Hamsty. In the beginning, the hamsters were grumpy when they were downgraded to smaller cages (plus being deported) and then gloomy upon the realisation that this would be their fates (being abandoned). Skippy was super panicky as she is not used to travel. Scratch was the worst as he was being transported in a tin can (not enough tanks) and his face showed 'suicidal'. Scar on the other hand looked sad for the thought that he would go to a new owner again.

Fret not as the big hamster (Owner) also followed them to stay at the new location. So far, the disgruntled hammies have been protesting to the two owners every night because 1. Crampy space. 2. No wheels (except for Scar because the owner forgot to pack 4 more wheels).

However not all bad things happened. There are still good experiences deriving from this saga. Like how Skippy made herself comfortable in her new cage by creating a cozy bedroom with a curtain, and Scar defensively protecting his wheel (he refused to take turns to share the wheel with fellow hammies). The best part of this was the couple Herbie and Earl Grey. Back home as they were living in a mansion-like house, both of them never eat or sleep together since they each have their hideouts and food bowls. Now forced to a one-bedroom apartment, they have no choice but to eat and sleep together. I guess love blooms for them over this period. They are so loving together now.

Like the saying goes, the couple that eat and sleep together, stays together. =D