Sunday, January 27, 2013

Late Introduction For Two Little Cute

As mentioned in the last post, we got two new hamsters into our house. That was months ago and time flies. They grown from baby hamsters to chubby adult hamsters now. Both are female winter whites and finally (FINALLY) in the history of Hamsty World, we can have two same sex WW staying peacefully together (not quite but yeah). It is so interesting to see them play and squabble.

I must admit that we ran out of names to call them and so we decided to call them Long Ear and Short Ear, S.L.E for short (no it is not Seletar Expressway). Names derived from obvious reason and so it is not difficult to differentiate both of them from the pictures. :p

Now, presenting SLE, better known as Two Little Cute from Hamsty.

Shy shy little babies

Long Ear looks like a hound dog

Short Ear has been the cutest

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Paula RB. said...

Hi Kisetsu,

long time no blog post now and saw new and news. Little things fluffy, hairy and chubby =0D
I will return to post comments.