Monday, February 4, 2013


At Hamsty Hotel, where your pet hamster feels home away from home. =p Our repeat satisfied customer Sloth hammie came back to stay with us again while her owners go for their vacation.



Sloth looked confused when her tank landed in Hamsty. After her owners left, she just sat there in a daze and her little head kept turning left and right as if to see where is her owners. Awww, don't be shy...

"Sob! Where's my owners?"

"There are two monsters here looking at me."

And SLE? That two naughty hamsters refused to come out to greet the guests! -,- Long Ear, Short Ear - be gracious!


wiffy said...

thanks for helping me ham-sit, Sloth is in good hands :D I doubt she will look for us, I think she is just curious with the new environment haha

kisetsu said...

Haha. She is still in a daze. =D