Friday, January 16, 2009

Here Lies White Retardy

At the height of adrenaline with deadlines all over the place, I received many missed called and messages from Tardy's MIL. Her frantic calls were left unheard as I was away from my desk the whole day. And finally nearing the end of the day, I saw the news that Tardy passed on.

We brought his body back to bury at the Hamsty cemetery. White Retardy was laid to rest at about 9pm. His grave is somewhat nearby DLLG's grand grave.

Rest in peace, my little boy. (T_T)


wiffy said...

Oh dear I'm so sorry to hear your loss :( I know this is not a good time ... hope you feel better soon. Tardy lived a good & long life.

kisetsu said...

I am leaving SIN with a heavy heart. I am very worried abt Timid Tardy and the band of brothers for the next 11 days. :(

Never thot White Tardy will go off so soon.

Ippo456 said...

I thought I posted a comment here, but I guess there was a glitch.
I'm sorry to hear about White Retardy.
With having so many hamsters, how do you cope with losing them constantly?

kisetsu said...

I guess I grow up in a very different environment from others and hence I am able to take deaths well.

My usual funny practice (to some), I will leave a 4 days period to mourn for the passing of my beloved hammies. After that, life still have to move on, but memory of the dearly departed will stay.