Monday, December 29, 2008

Isn't It Lovely? Part II

In the office. Now whenever I'm stressed out, the different cute hammies will make me smile. =) And a bonus point, my little cutie Baby Mott is featured in the June month. Yippee! (^^)o


FilmAsia said...

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Ippo456 said...

Your hammies are quite popular huh?
I like the monthly calenders better because there pictures are larger :-)

kisetsu said...

So far, only Baby Mott got in.

Yah, I like the mthly one, cos' it has boxes to jot down notes. But this 12 mths one is good for decoration aka 'boasting' in the office. Heehee.

wiffy said...

hehe... again the first time I see it printed in colour =p so extra happy to see it printed n displayed... because I'm the one who made this version keke ;p *cheap thrill* keke

kisetsu said...

Izzit, thanks Wiffy for the layout and design. I like it alot. Hopefully each year we can have *free* calendars. Kekeke. It really brightens up my cubicle. :D