Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Hairstyle

Bwahahaha, Robbie you got style man! Your new funky hairdo with spiky edge. Bet no other robos can compare up to you. (^^)v


wiffy said...

muhahaha.... Robbie looks like he "gel" his hair ... very handsome leh ;p hehe

dashingblue said...

Bwah! How did Robbie get such a stylo hairstyle?! Did Rubie combed for him? Haha! =D

My Mayo sometimes get such a hairstyle too but he doesn't look as handsome as Robbie! Wahaha!

Ippo456 said...

I've never seen a white-face robo!
Is it a mutation?
Sometimes my robos have funny hairstyles after they wake up. They look like Robbie :-) with eyebrows though.

kisetsu said...

Ippo, some claimed that white-faced robo appeared in Sweden around the 21st century. How they came abt, I'm not too sure. Probably being mutated by some breeders back there.

When Rob is young, he got the 'center parting' hairdo, now that he's older, he got this spikey hairstyle. Probably cos' he got 3 color tone fur - black, brown, white, he looks good. Stylo milo, maybe I should dye my hair to his color. Looks cool. Kekeke.

Rob and Rubie cannot get along. Rubie definitely will not groom hims. Unlike Tardy and Oreo. :p