Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Photoshoot

Today we sent Timid Retardy and Cherry to take our very own X'mas photoshoot. Cherry is a born-poser. She just loves the camera, but on the other hand Tardy really gives us a hard time. However said, he still gives us some cute and nice shots. =) This is one of the raw unedited photo.

"Our presents arrived?"


wiffy said...

so cute man! u used this for the hh xmas siggy :D where u buy this house from? Bery creative XD

kisetsu said...

Yup, I wanted to do all for all hams a X'mas photo, but then again, after Tardy & Cherry, we are so shagged out, we stopped. Not easy to get them to pose. =.=

My friend gave me this to my hamsters for Xmas present, and I thot wow, just what I needed. =)

Ippo456 said...

How cutteee!!!
You should get a group picture of all the hamsters :-)

kisetsu said...

Then I'll have a hamster war in the set. Haha. 2 is already shagging us out during the photoshoot. Let alone 12! :p