Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Cup Of Coffe Black

This is Kopi. Earl Grey's brother, who tagged along with him to stay in Hamsty Avenue.

His nickname is Kopi-O aka Coffee Black.

Ok, now Hamsty World is back to its vibrant days with all the new kids. Hamsty World generation Y is in 'da' house.


dashingblue said...

Hahahaha! You really name it kopi ah... =D Hello Kopi-O and Earl grey tea! =D

Thank you Pam for adopting these two little ones... Today, my friend came to pick up the hamsters for her friend who wanted to adopt too... And she decided to take the remaining one ham! So three hams in total were adopted today! =D

kisetsu said...

Except for the 'spinning runt'? Yay, all happy endings for the hammies. :)

I'm so used to call him Kopi since yesterday, so it's official his name is Kopi. :p

Ippo456 said...

So cute!
I've never seen a hamster fur like that before.
Where did this cute little guy hail from?
I guess good looks run in the family :-)

kisetsu said...

He got more brown than white. Quite unique. He is the only black among his sapphire brothers. Very tame, that is why instead of my initial plan to adopt one, I ended up with him tagging home with me... ^^

wiffy said...

Congrats on the new additions. Kopi is so adorable as well. Love them xoxo

kisetsu said...

Yup, with these two, I ended my adoption process. It will be another 2-3 full years of growing up with them all. :)

{Wan is me} said...

r u frm malaysia?