Friday, December 26, 2008

Super Squeak!

Paws to the front, one leg behind and there he goes: "WOOF"! Erm, "SQUEAK"!

Hmmm, Earl Grey mousey, looks like the Bolt fever caught up with you too. (^o^)


Ippo456 said...

OOoo that's a very cute picture! I think your hammie is cuter than the one in Bolt.
Have you watched that movie?

kisetsu said...

Somehow I felt that Ringo chan is like Rhino in the movie. Same type of character and also fat. ^^

Yup, I watched the movie and I think it's the hamster that creates the most laughter.

wiffy said...

I haven't caught the movie yet ;p me so slow hehe ... Earl Grey pose is cutesy xp

kisetsu said...

You can nearly see the dialog: "woof woof" *in mini squeak* coming out. Haha.

You should watch it, the hamster Rhino creates so much laughter, I laughed so hard thru' out. (*o*)