Tuesday, December 2, 2008

White Mouse Imposter

Naughty boy has naughty poses. Trying to be a White Mouse poseur. And see, why are your ears one pointing up and one down?

Here's Mochi slacking on my bed again. He really looks comfy. Tsk tsk.


wiffy said...

omg the ears are so cute! How come your hamsters can do all kinds of tricks and can sleep on your bed! hehe

kisetsu said...

I donno how they can always give me different looks, but all their cranky pranks made me laugh. That's probably the enjoyment I get being the owner of my hamsters. :)

I don't mind them sleeping on my bed but hopefully they don't pee on it. :D

Ippo456 said...

So cuuttee!
Somehow reminds me of the mouse in "The Tale of Desperaux."
I just want to squeeze your hamsters. They're so tame.

kisetsu said...

Haha. Tame but with an atitude. :) I like to disturb them until they are fed up and show their temper. Bwahahaha. Moch is quite bad temper though. :S

The few pics I took of him really look like white mouse. He must be pulling a long face! -.-

dashingblue said...

Haha! Mochi looks real contented and comfortable... =P

kisetsu said...

The only time when I find him cute. :)