Sunday, December 7, 2008

Candid Camera

"Yo, care to look here for a minute?"

I couldn't stop laughing when I look at this photo. It was even funnier to see Hermie hangs on the grills. He just bite on the grill and hangs there for the longest time.

Hermie, this is your latest stunt eh?


wiffy said...

hahaha ... just look at the mischievous grin XD And it's so cute to see how his little feet is supporting on the grills, lol

kisetsu said...

Funny right. He must be up to something.

Ippo456 said...

He just hangs like that?
Doesn't rattle the cage?
He wants attention :p

kisetsu said...

He just hangs there and looking out. Ocassionally, he will bite the grills but he will not rattle hard. He's just curious to know what are we doing when he senses us nearby. But when the gate opens, he goes into hiding. :)

Ippo456 said...

Sounds like you have such timid and tame hamsters.
Is it because they've been with you since babies?

kisetsu said...

I bought Hermie from the petshop when he was around 5wks old. He's naturally shy. When he first came over, he hid inside his shelter only to come out and get his food inside.

Nowadays, he is more outgoing. Boils down to his personality. =D