Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cuteness Overload!

I honestly melt into a goo when I see all these photos. Presenting all my cutie pies. SLR really make wonders. It is something that neither my C5050 nor SX100IS can do. :(

Baby Mott




wiffy said...

omg, I am melting too. Love love love the photos taken on your SLR cam XD

kisetsu said...

I am contemplating to get one SLR myself. Most photos turn out so nice.

Ippo456 said...

I want to steal your Baby Mott!!!!!
Having an SLR is nice.
Especially when you have small fast animals like your hamsters.
I'm still learning how to take a picture like this

kisetsu said...

Oh yeah, I really loves Seattle Roll's and K Akagami's photos. They are so bright and crystal clear like the hams just stood there posing.

I learnt too, SLR + good lightings = very good photos. That SLR is not mine. :( I am so itching to get one cos' co-owner will not share his. :(

dashingblue said...

Oh my gosh! Those hamster photos from the flickr link is really wonderful! O.o *jaws drop*

I wonder what camera he used! I also want a good camera!

kisetsu said...

I bet they use another type of flash. If not, they should have arrange on the lightings before.