Sunday, December 21, 2008

Did You See A Ghost?

Suddenly Cherry stopped short without moving on my hand and stiffen for 15mins.

And Spritez froze in her stride for a min.

What the hell happened??? Don't scare me like this in the night, mousey!


dashingblue said...

Kopi also did the froze last night. Haha~ =D

kisetsu said...

Something lurking in my room????

Ippo456 said...

I noticed that my Syrians are also super sensitive. I've caught them freeze a few times & only hearing some strange noise afterwards. I don't know how they could've detected the noise before I heard it.
Whatever it was, Spritez's face is too cute!

kisetsu said...

Sometimes it can scare the hell out when they froze! Especially in the middle of the night when playing with them and they suddenly stop. Make you think something is right behind your back. Creeps! :o

wiffy said...

This happened to Neko Chan when he was young too! twice in his lifetime... it's almost like he was in another dimension. Is this a winter white phenomenon? :D

kisetsu said...

Hmmm, looks like it. But when they do this stunt in the 7th Mth, darn, that's really freaky! (oO)

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