Sunday, December 28, 2008

Isn't It Lovely?

White Retardy and his wifey Oreo were featured in Jan's calendar by HH. What a lovely surprise. It was submitted by Tardy's MIL and the photo was chosen to be the first month of the year. =) Get yours at Hamster Hideout. Click here!

Coming up, I can't wait to put the other 12 mths calendar in my office tomorrow. Stay tune. :)


dashingblue said...

So sweet! So big! So nice! ^^ Now you can see Oreo and Retardy everyday! Haha!

Where did you get that pretty book? It is nice! It is a notebook?

kisetsu said...

Hahaha, I have been looking at it all day. Think I'm mermerized by Tardy's tongue. Kekeke.

I bought that diary in Popular Simei. Quite nice, it has all the illustrations in every page.

dashingblue said...

Haha! I love his tongue and teeth too... It was by chance that I caught his yawning pic when he opened his mouth while I snapped! Talk about being lucky! ^^ Hehe!

Oh! It is a diary ah... I thought it was an empty notebook... =P

kisetsu said...

It's a sorta notebook with pre-made illustrations. I used to buy all these books from bookstore, but nowadays they hardly sell. So by chance I found it and bought it immediately. :)

wiffy said...

whoot! I've yet to see it printed on colour heh... glad to hear that you like it and thanks for the link ^o^ I like the kawaii notebook too =)

kisetsu said...

It's nice, I printed it on glossy paper and the effect is good.

Hey, the focus should be on the calendar, not the notebook.....! Haha.