Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sneaky Hamlet

"Ummm! I see the word 'SNACK' and it's PREMIUM!!!

*sniff sniff* "Magnificent smell!!!"

"Let's take a peek inside."
Err, Hamlet, I know you love yogurt alot, but that's rabbit's food and I'm giving it to Zen. Too sweet for you.


dashingblue said...

I gave one praline to Zen today, but she ate the Vitakraft sesame treats leaving the praline in the bowl. O.o I don't know if she didn't like it or she just wants to save it for another day. I hope it won't attract ants because it smells so sweet! =X

kisetsu said...

Huh? Rabbit's treats but Zen doesn't like? Likewise Hamlet likes it alot. Hmmm.

Hey, it's really very sweet and nice smelling. I ate one and I thot of having another pc which co-owner freaked and stopped me: "It's ANIMAL's FOOD for godsake!" Haha. It's delicious. :p

Ippo456 said...

What a sneak.
Hamlet looks small here.
How old is Hamlet?

kisetsu said...

Hamlet is big. She's my big girl. :) I think should be around 1yr old already this month.

She's one lean machine, very fit and active.

wiffy said...

I love her perky ears when she saw the treat... sounds delicious to me too, opps =x

kisetsu said...

Wide ears = more awareness of treats coming. :)

I really thot I see that was for hamsters. Turn out it is for rabbits. Haiz.