Sunday, July 19, 2009

Under The Wheel

I don't understand why Cherry just loves to sleep under the wheel. Looking into her cage, one can hardly spot her unless closer inspection. She would be in the same spot all day and all night long. And yes, under the wheel.

So now, she took this habit in the playpen as well.

Hey, the wheel is for running, not hiding.... :S


wiffy said...

Mario likes to hide under the wheel sometimes too. In Mario's case, I think it may be because I always tease him about being fat, so he wants to show me he can fit in tight spaces? ;p I love cherry's feminine features.

kisetsu said...

Muahahaha. Poor Mario, you should tell your owner: "I'm not fat, I'm a healthy ham." :)

Cherry is photogenic. But in real life, she is not really that cute. *oops* (I'm gonna be biten by her if she hears this) She looks real good in all the photographs! :D

I suspect she is a runt (??) She is still the size of a baby ham, doesn't grow up! (OO)

Ippo456 said...

Uhm .. since your comment states that Cherry doesn't look good in real life, maybe her self esteem is low & that's the reason why she always hides.
One of my RC's is also a runt; doesn't matter how much she eats, she stays small.

kisetsu said...

Hahaha, I can probably just say she's not the most good looking hammie among all. Hahaha. :D But, she's the most photogenic one among the rest.

Well, last time one of my runt given to co-owner's mum, little Dwarfie out-grown the rest of the batch. (OO) But I guess some runts just have a maximum limit. :D

Ippo456 said...

Do you happen to know where Pets Republic is? I hear they sell chinchillas. Thanks.

kisetsu said...

Hi Ippo, here's the link to their petshop.

It's located in the East side of Singapore. Here's the address.

I have not been there before cos' I don't have a direct bus to that place. So I usually shop near my place.

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