Saturday, July 18, 2009

Guerrilla Warfare

Cherry is one very funny hammie. She doesn't like open space and somehow it seems like she felt threaten if nothing shelters her head. She dodges everywhere and hides where there's a hole. It's a laughing stock but Cherry monster turns her food bowl upside down to make a bomb-shelter and she enjoys hiding beneath. She also digs tunnels in the beddings so that she can moves without being exposed. We guess it is her imagination game. Co-owner calls her the 'guerrilla warfare' hammie. :D


wiffy said...

hey Mario digs tunnels in beddings too! How come these two hams got so many similarities :D Such a girl look, I love Cherry.

kisetsu said...

Cherry is a spoilt hammie. Monster Cherry! Don't be deceived by her innocent look. =.=

Well, hamsters by nature are underground animals, probably these 2 retain that instinct. Hmmm, the rest of them not like this though... :S

Ippo456 said...

Haha that's cute! I think it's super cute how some hamsters just love to bury themselves in beddings :-)
So does she not like to play in the playpen at all?

kisetsu said...

She will hide under something in the playpen and spent all the time in there. When we remove the hideout, she will panick and search for the next available one like a soldier running for cover. Haha. :D

{Wan is me} said...

hi!!!! i really gotta know what kind of bedding ur using?

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