Sunday, June 28, 2009

Name Callings

The hammies here lived with two nasty owners. And over time, the two owners gave some of them nasty nicknames. This generation of hammies gotten all the lousy nicks. They're definitely not happy about it.

Robbie & Rubie - Lob & Lube

Cherry - Cherry Monster

Spritez - Playpen Monster

Scratch - King of Poop

Hermie - Pirate of the Caribbean

Kopi - Kopi YoYo

Earl Grey - Dancing Mousey

Ringo chan - Fat chan

Baby Mott - Mogi

Hamlet - Big Girl


dashingblue said...

I like the King of Poop! Lol!

At first, I read it as Pop. Haha! Then I think of MJ. When I read carefully again, I realised got an extra O. =P Heh heh...

Why big girl Hamlet only show the hand? O.o

Ippo456 said...

Next post should explain how you came up with those names.
I don't understand how Spritez got the nickname & can't figure out what the photo shows.

Ippo456 said...

O I just thought of something: does Hamlet's photo only show her hand because she's so big that her whole body can't fit in the picture frame?

kisetsu said...

Haha, Jac, that King of Poop is given by co-owner.

Yup, maybe the next post I will further elaborate why these hammies got their nicks Ippo. :) You got great imagination, haha. Actually because I find Hamlet's hand very cute, so I put that as her photo. Haha.

The photo of Spritez shows her lower chin. She's actually sleeping inside the house. Which is quite cute. So I use that pic. :D

wiffy said...

I love name callings (I'm nasty myself hehehe) ... I love the King of Poop the most! When did Cherry became a monster? hehehe... Mario's middle name is "Timidy" (sounds like Timothy) coz he was a timid boy when he first came hehe... btw I love the paw photo of Hamlet, very artistic :p

kisetsu said...

Oh, Wiffy, Cherry is a real monster now. :D

Regarding Hamlet's paw photo, I like Ippo's explanation. So funny. Haha.

Heehee, Timidy is a cute name. At least it's not as degrading as Retardy. Haha.