Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Very Stunned Hammie

This was taken when Scratch is still a little baby. Right now, Scratch is actually a very grown up hammie. He really resembles Mochi.

Cute right? But guess what was he doing when I took this photo.

He was actually 'stoning'. =.="


dashingblue said...

Scratch stoned for a very longggg time... O.O Almost a min!

kisetsu said...

Actually longer than that, but after taking the video, I was snapping him away and then disturbing him. Haha. Wonder why? But these days, he's not like that anymore. Hehehe.

Ippo456 said...

That's so funny!!!
Baby Hamster does that too at times, but never that long.
I read somewhere (or maybe I'm mistaken) that hamsters do stay still to deter predators?
I wish my hamsters would stay still that long so I can take good pictures ;-)

wiffy said...

Oh sooo kawaii!! XD This happened to Neko chan a few times in his lifetime, and once to Mario. So far it had only happened to my winter whites. I wonder why ... so cute that they keep still :D

kisetsu said...

Yes Ippo, I heard of that instinct before. But I find it so funny, when there's a predator around, they should be running away instead of standing still. The hamster is the opposite. Wahahaha.

But Wiffy, during the H. Ghost festival, it can be quite scary to see them like this. Haha.

dashingblue said...

Eh... So the predators will be you and the co-owner? =P Lol!

My Nibs was never stunned like this... O.o