Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hamster Igloo

We all know Hamlet is the hamster version of Picasso since day one. Till now, she still fascinates us with all her masterpieces. Behold, her latest creation. The Hamster Igloo.

And her hideout is really functional. See, it's really hollow inside that fits her snuggly!

She's really gifted! :)


dashingblue said...

Wah! I'm amazed! O.o Hamlet is so talent! How long did she take to build this? Did you see her building it?

Then what happens when it is cleaning time and you had to "destroy" her house? Does Hamlet get angry or something?

dashingblue said...


kisetsu said...

Nah, I don't think she gets angry but probably her cosy hideout is gone and she has to rebuild it again. :D

She's like insulating her home. With the help of the mould, she build this igloo. Clever! :)

Ippo456 said...

How did she make it so rigid like that?
It's almost like a bird building a nest :-D

wiffy said...

woah~ Really 100% gifted and artistic!! I'm so impressed!! :D What a smart ham!

kisetsu said...

I donno. Seriously. The thing is, when I took out the hideout, everything is still standing and it seems like each piece is perfectly layered to create the whole igloo.

I think her ancestor passed down good info to her?? :D Haha.

dashingblue said...

Huh? You mean you tried to lift this igloo up and it won't crumble? O.o

kisetsu said...

No, haha, I mean the toy hideout, once I lifted that up, this igloo shape is still there and standing firm, until I demolished it.(^^)v

nirojan11 said...

Haha, exact same thing happened to me with my dwarf, Hammy!

I have a little plastic bowl with a cut-out door and I though Hammy just liked the dark in there but one day I lifted up the bowl to see what Hammy was always doing at night (He makes such a racket :T) and I saw a perfectly crafted igloo mold made out of wood chip bedding and pieces of toilet paper I throw in.

You say I can destroy this if I need to clean it?

Good. The place is starting to smell because I just clean around it xD