Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blood On The Dancefloor!

The two owners woke up to a grisely find this morning.

The gruesome crime scene!!!!!

A huge patch of blood found inside the hideout!

Scratchy are you ok?

Are you ok Scratchy?

You've been hit by....

You've been struck by a smooth criminal!


Ms J said...

What happen????

ippo456 said...

What happened?
The last time something like this happened to me, it didn't turn out good.
That's a lot of blood for a small hamster. Hope Scratchy is ok.

kisetsu said...

I really donno know. Scratch was in the playpen overnight when in the morning, we saw blood all over. Currently he is looking very lethargic but is still eating. Yet I can't find any wounds on him. Was it he vomitted blood?

Ippo, what was your case?

Noi❤AnL said...

I wonder what's goin on.............

Paula Regina said...

Vet now!

ippo456 said...

It was cancer in the reproductive system or in the urinary tract :-(
Brain bled twice; between the 2 bleedings, there was a period of about 5 months gap. When she bled the first time, she was given Baytril. But when she bled the second time, I decided to put her down because she would've lived the rest of her life in pain because of the cancer.
I hope Scratch is better now & she has a much better diagnosis than Brain.

wiffy said...

Oh dear I only just saw this. Is Scratch ok?

kisetsu said...

No worries, Scratch is very fine and healthy. =D

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