Monday, July 26, 2010

Scratch Boy

Our Scratch boy is fine. Thanks everyone for the concern. This is one mystery that we are unable to solve. We went through his body for checks - no physical wounds, no bladder infections. And he never bleeds at all. He's back to his usual self but alot glum now because he was barred from the playpen and we officially close the playground until future notice.

In the meantime, he is doing what he does best. ZZzzzzz.



wiffy said...

so cute! Glad he's ok... that was a lot of blood back then. Maybe it was a surface paw wound which healed overnight.

kisetsu said...

We checked everywhere and there is no wounds. Then we panicked and quickly check were all other hammies still ard. They were. We suspect he killed something but it was enclosed and the room was tight shut as we had air-con.

That's alot of blood and all the floor area of the 3 hideouts have big pool of blood. Surface wound sure can't generate such volume of blood pools. I donno, I'm puzzled.

Paula Regina said...

:oD Glad he is fine!
Paula from Brasil/ Rio de Janeiro.

Kisetsu said...

Hi there! Wow, Brazil! Half the globe away. ;)

ippo456 said...

Glad to know that Scratch is doing fine!
That was a looottt of blood.
Even if he had no wounds, it could've come from his rear end (which is NOT good at all).
Maybe he killed some cockroach. When I went to the petstore in that mall across Ikea (I think it's Anchorage?), I saw that they were selling dried bugs as hamster treats!!! Before then, I didn't even know hamsters like bugs.

kisetsu said...

Bugs?!!!! I only saw decent packs of worms but not bugs! Eeewww. Hamsty hams reject eating such degrading food.

It goes to show, not all petshop advises are suitable. =D Scratch is one happy and healthy hammie. But still being put behind bars. =D