Sunday, January 30, 2011

EG's Love Story - First Date

One fine day while Earl Grey was doing his routine walk in Hamsty Avenue, something caught his attention from afar. He went nearer to explore and saw Herbie behind her cage. The two of them stood together with the grill in between them. No squeaks. The owner feared a fight may start and swooped EG back home.

However, upon thinking back what happened, the owner decided to let both of them out for their first date. Surprisingly, the first date went well.


And so, this is what happened. Stay tune...


Paula Regina said...

Ah! Beautiful. The couple is very, very cute and very appropriate soundtrack ;oDDD

masterofboots said...

this is sooooo sweet! EG looks totally in love.

kisetsu said...

Hahaha. Paula, I didn't thought much on the music until I was editing the video. =D

MoB - More to come and a twist to the story. =)

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