Sunday, January 23, 2011

Of Different Shades Of Grey

So now that Herbie finally turns grey, we now have 3 grey hamsters in the house. Except for Scratch who is so beautifully white, the 3 of them are all in different shades of grey. Looking at photos of them, as the full-time owner, I am still able to differentiate who is who compared to the co-owner. Here are their photos that were jumbled up in my computer and both owners played the 'Guess Who Is This' game.


Skippy is a name well-suited her! She is very lively and sociable. As can see, she is the tiniest of them greys. She also have a mischievious look. (^^)v I think it's gotta do with that big eyes and stubby nose of hers that give her the naughty face. =p On the contrary, Skippy is getting a brighter coat of fur. Her fur is of light brownish white and lighter shades of grey.

Earl Grey

We call him Big Grey because of his size. =) At his age, he is still maintaining his large frame though he lost abit of weight after passing the 2yr old mark. He has a gentle nature but will give a 'pissed' look if provoked. =.= Earl Grey has a darker shade of grey and he has some brownish tone mixed into his grey fur. The brown fur however is much darker and opaque compared to Skippy's. EG too has large eyes but he has a shorter nose.


She has big butt! =D And I think her fur coat further makes it look bigger! Herbie's lower half of fur is of a whiter shade of grey. It's like someone accidentally sprayed a dash of paint over her lower half. Herbie is also one chubby hamster. I think in no time she will be of same size as EG. Currently her fur is more of white and grey, and a little tint of brown on her sides. It is very easy to identify her in photos because she is much smaller eyed and she has sharper face compared to the other 2.


ippo456 said...

Skippy is not grey grey.
In that photo, I think she looks a bit more dirty beige.

kitmun said...


Ps: I agree with Ippo.

Paula Regina said...

precisely. "Different shades of gray" and all beautiful!

kisetsu said...

Haha Ippo, I think she is changing her fur coat. The face fur is like what you mentioned - beige with a little grey.

Kitmun, you seems to like Skippy alot. =D

Hi Paula, yes, and each of them has their character and personality. ^^

kitmun said...

Nah, I love mine best. But its really cute! :D

kisetsu said...

Oh, I meant among the 4 of these hamsters here. =)

kitmun said...

Oh yep! Ahaha.