Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Headed Hamster

The guess on Who's Who staying together.

The answer: Scar and Skippy are housemates now. The verdict? Scar is not happy that his home is being utilised by another hammy and Skippy is not happy with Scar who didn't like to share his things.

But, I think they should be fine. =D


masterofboots said...

These hammies have such funny behaviour. My Ninja and Friendly have been housemates since young but they are always quarrelling, like every single day you could hear poor Ninja squeaking loudly, haha. But they like to cuddle together to sleep so i think they prefer to be together than separate.

kisetsu said...

Yea, end of the day, they will still be together. It's kindda fun to see them quarrel and the next thing is to see them cuddling together. Weird hamsters temper. =D

wiffy said...

I think they will ζ—₯δΉ…η”Ÿζƒ… :D

kisetsu said...

At this point in time, still not yet. Can see both their faces giving the 'hmmpff' look. =D

Paula Regina said...

After a holiday in Rome, come here and see two beautiful sleeping tight is fill the heart with tenderness.

kisetsu said...

Hi Paula,

If you see carefully their faces, the expression showed otherwise. Haha. Because both refused to give way to another and hence the two insisted to squeeze in. =D

Paula Regina said...

Hi kisetsu,
the photo looks like they are sleeping well cute and friendly ... Of interesting they've been "fighting" to see which would best fill the space.

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