Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Neck-breaking Sleep Pose

Found Scar sleeping in such position this afternoon. I don't know about him, but if it was me, I would have easily gotten the stiff-neck syndrome after sleeping with the head in this awkward pose. (o.O)

Uniquely hamster style!


masterofboots said...

he looks like he tumbled off his bed!

Paula Regina said...

And hamsters love to sleep on the wheel and the most amazing ways!

wiffy said...

So cute! Scar became so chubby, kawaii :D

kisetsu said...

Mob - Surprised that he didn't fall off. He was dreaming and twitching but he balanced quite well (I was waiting for him to drop actually). =D

Paula - Yeah. They have very strange positions.

Wiffy - Scar is huge. Super chubby almost he is not yet EG's previous size. =)