Thursday, December 8, 2011

One-Leg Skipper

The bad news awaits for the owners after they came back from their wedding. A day later, I saw Skippy limping and her hind leg was in an awkward position, my worst fear came true. The doctor suggested amputation without even the need to put a cast to see if the bones could join back.


Hence, once again Skippy went into the operation room and this time round it took a toll on her. Although she survived the operation, but she emerged with a tear-stained face and her expression screamed pain. She was sort of relieved to see me and she seek the usual consolation from me. Co-owner took a video of me consoling her (it was kindda hilarious actually) but I don't know how to upload it here via Iphone.

"Nooo, don't let me into that place again!!"

Tear-stained face

Anyway, after a few weeks of medication and rehab, we finally put Skippy back to stay with Scar. Once again, both hamsters cannot see eye-to-eye with each other but nice little Scar is more accomodating to his handicap comrade. Little Skip is fine now. Aye, one-leg Skipper!


Paula Regina said...

What a horror story! Even with a happy ending, a drama.
Poor Skipper.
His little face with tears cut my heart =0(

I cried while reading the post,kisetsu.

But then I laughed a lot with Hamnosaurus and "Nooo, do not let me Into That place again!"

kisetsu said...

Paula, sorry to make you cry but Skippy is a hamster and hamsters have tough will. They are stronger than their tiny size. So she is ok now and trying to cope with her handicap.

I also didn't like to have her amputated and we kept pleading with the doctor, but it's the only way the doctor can do to eliminate further complications. =(

Paula Regina said...

kisetsu ,
sorry if I seemed less than polite in the comments ... I did not mean that. My sincere apologies.

I agree: They are stronger than Their tiny size (luckily!)

Brazilians many kisses to Skippy =0*

masterofboots said...

I'm so sad to hear that! Poor little hammie!

kisetsu said...

Oh Paula, it's ok. Our blog is meant to be happy (even if the unfortunate happens). Skippy will be very glad to know someone from the other side of the world cares about her. =)

MoB - yeah, she is the only one who breaks the records of suffering. =.=