Saturday, June 9, 2012

Herbie's Gone

Our little Herbie passed away yesterday. (T_T) Had seen it coming because the day before when she came out for her dinner, her eyes seemed teary though she was still energetic. Yesterday, I knocked on her house and she didn't respond as usual. She was found motionless under the wheel in her extension cage (a place she seldom lingers in).

So sad. Now there won't be a little head popping out from the house whenever I knock. =(


Paula RB. said...

RIP Herbie =0(

Very sad. And each hammie is different and we used to love them individually.

Very, very sad, really.

Peace in your heart.

masterofboots said...

Sad :( Yes, though they are tiny, they have such big personalities.

kisetsu said...

Sigh. It's been fun having Herbie. She is one very lovable hamster who is very responsive and loving.

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo sorry I'm soooooo scared my hamster will die!!!!!