Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Very Cute Actor

Cute is an understatement. =D


Paula RB. said...

My opinion:

The poor animal was a push with the finger! The hamster was attacked.
He suffered cruelty and is not an animal receiving care and attention.
I apologize for disagree, but ... not known whether this alive.

This video has been repudiated by the Animal Protection in Brazil and YT has been notified of possible abuse.
I apologize (again, again and again) if I seem rude or discourteous, but the animal was a push with force and fell unconscious..

kisetsu said...

Is it? I don't know cos' it looks like the hamster fallen by its own???I'm thinking if the hamster is being attacked, it probably will jump up and give a ferocious bite back.

I hope it is not the scenario you mentioned else the owner definitely must be punished. On a lighter note, I tried pointing my finger to Scar and he sat there nonchalently with the expression as if saying: "What is this stupid owner doing again?" =D