Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another Staycation

Sloth was back to stay with us for two weeks. Prior to that, we sent SE packing to Sloth's house. I think SE quite enjoy the company of another hamster. So when Sloth and SE came to our place, I could see SE was quite happy (afterall, she could eat the same food as Sloth did because of Sloth's owner's generosity). Sloth on the other hand was scared stiff. But luckily a few days later, she warmed up to us.

Sloth is one luxury ham. She loves a variety of food and she doesn't really eat the same type of food daily. So we kept changing the menu of snacks everyday for her to eat complete the whole piece. She ate edamame, pine nuts, milk bread, cheese and biscuits. I bet SE was thinking: "If you don't like flax seeds, hand them over to me instead."

We could see SE was a little sad to see Sloth gone home. Upon leaving, the anti-social Short Ear climbed up her cage with her head popping out as if to say: "Hey, take me with you!"

Wonder if Sloth is coming again for another vacation. =D


noobcook said...

thanks for taking such good care of Sloth! ♥ you really pamper her with good food and treats ... when she came home, she resume eating edamame again coz there aren't any other treats for her to pick, lolz

sad thing is, Sloth is losing a lot of fur and weight. Now can see the red skin beneath her fur. She is undergoing rapid aging :(

kisetsu said...

Haha. Edamame. That mei liang xin SE throws away your edamame. She doesn't want to eat it now. -.-"

I hope Sloth is still active. Robo may look aged but actually still healthy.