Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Complacent Life

A little update of Short Ear who is living alone now since her sister Long Ear passed on. As the only precious pet of the owners, SE is one heck of a spoilt ham. But, (to be fair to her) SE is quite a nice hamster. Her only sin is 'gluttony' - She loves food and lotsa flax seeds. So if her needs are satisfied, she is a happy mouse. =D

"I want food! Food! Flax seeds!"
Vacuuming in progress
"Anymore?" (The usual greedy way)

Fully satisfied hammy


noobcook said...

a foodie ham is a good ham (easier to tame too). SE knows what's good for her. Flax seeds make their coat healthy with a natural shine hehe

kisetsu said...

I think she miss vacationing over at your side. Cos we here ration her food. Haha.