Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hamsty Chalet

Let's head down to the newly-built Habitrail Chalet in the playpen.

First up, Fabian mousey. Fabian is the 7th batch of hamsty that went away to stay with the co-owner. Now he's back with his brothers.

Then it's Yoshi. Rampant mousey!

Ha, finally Stubby mousey. Have not been taking photos of him for so long. But he prefer to go back to his own cage. My little homeboy.

Whitehead hamsty exploring, searching and.... Oops, plop!

Of course, naughty Stig will have his chance to explore this new place.

The fighting couple Retardy & Oreo seems to part ways after they fight in the playpen. Sigh~

I would think this Chalet design is a flop. The hamsters enjoyed the Treetop design better than this.


dashingblue said...

I think Oreo got rounder around the butt! =P Did she put on weight? She looks slightly bigger now. Hehe!

Your habitrial is nice! I will be dropping by this weekend, are you free? =) Can set up the habitrial treehouse and the chalet? Comtemplating to get one too. Hehe!

kisetsu said...

From the vid, she looks almost the same size as Retardy, but I guess on the actual Oreo, she still looks small. Maybe it's cos' I am looking at her everyday, thus I can't tell the difference.

I should be around in the evening on this Sat. Wanna drop by? This chalet design is really a flop. Looks good but the hamsties don't really know how to use it. I'll stick by the treehouse.

dashingblue said...

Ya, from the video she looks around the same as Retardy. =)

Guess what? I just dreamt of you last night. =P I dreamt that I was at your house and when I picked up Oreo, I could feel that her tummy got bigger! I was excited that I ran to tell you. You even went to get a book on hamster. It went something like that... Haha!

Ok, Saturday evening it shall be. =) I want to try to set up the treehouse then... Hehe!

kisetsu said...

Haha, I guess we are waiting too anxiously for the babies that we started to dream abt them more often. :p

Oh, btw, can I have the dwarf hamster book back. I need some info from the book.

Ok, I will dismantle all the habitrail cardboards and let u hands-on. It's actually very easy.

dashingblue said...

Yep~ I was about to pass you back the hamster book this Saturday. =) Together with some food and necessities for your hammies. =)

kisetsu said...

We have alot of food here. No problem. Unless you are bringing Oreo special treats. :)

dashingblue said...

Only some left-over cotton balls U used to give her. =) And some sunflower seeds for all your hammies... I have so much that I decided to give you some too since you have got so many hammies! Hehe!

kisetsu said...

oh! Sunflower seedo... I can see Fatty suddenly wake up and get excited upon hearing this word. Haha. He's the only hamster that react strongly to this seed.

dashingblue said...

Hehe! Then I will pull the same stunt on Fatty like I did on Mayo. Hehehe!!! =P

kisetsu said...

Oh, I did that to Fatty when he was younger. I made him walk on 2 legs for 1m with the sunflower seed in front of him, and we were playing a rock-n-roll music in the background. It was so hilarious.