Sunday, January 6, 2008

Spoilt Brat

Being the little precious of his owner, Fatty aka Stiggy always get what he wants. This little greedy pig always have his way. Right down to embarassing his owner by biting her, destroying the expensive Aussino bedsheet and waking all up in the dead middle of the nite. -.-"

So one day out for his playtime, we decided to block his usual route of running. Little Stiggy tried means and ways to break the barrier. By climbing (failed because he's too fat), by looking for other openings (blocked by both owners), and by digging through (failed miserably). He got frustrated and went back to his lil' tank, sulking. And so for the whole nite, he shunned us. -_-"

He sit there for the longest time ignoring us.

Spoilt brat, he really knows how to throw his tantrums.

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