Monday, January 28, 2008

Welcome to Hamsty Family

5 weeks old motted winter white. Welcome to the Hamsty home.

For the time being, we will call you little Motty, until we find a better name for you. :p


dashingblue said...

Hello Motty! New hamster Pam? =P So now you have got erm...13 hammies?!? O_o Wah!

kisetsu said...

Erm, I lost count! :p

Actually plus Oreo here, the figure is still 13. Because Stuart just passed on recently, so it's still balance out.

I'm so waiting anxiously for Oreo's baby ham-ham. So is Chiko. He's still surviving but very weak. I kept asking him to hang on. He must see his grandkids. (T.T)

dashingblue said...

Awwww... I am so touched... =) I have never seen any hamster like Chiko before.

Even my favourite ex-hamster (Marshmallow) hang on until it's fur dropped off, eyes became blind, both legs have difficultly walking (almost disabled), and passed away after 2 and a half years only. Ya, needless to say, I cried like mad because I really love her too much.

With Chiko hanging on until 3 years, I think he is truly a strong boy boy (ok, maybe grandpa?). =)

Ya! Must ask Retardy to try harder! I know Oreo has a very strong character (even Mayo can't handle her). Haha! I also cannot wait to for the little ham-hams. I want to be a mummy of my hamster too. =_=

kisetsu said...

It's really a different feeling to have your own hamster giving birth. In a way, the little twerps grew up with you, you see them getting bigger each day, and they trusted you alot. It's really heartwarming. :p

Hamster Hideout said...

I love the photography in this one ;) How cute ;)

kisetsu said...

Thanks. He's still very shy and refuse to be seen. I hope I can get more photos of this little twerp. :p