Saturday, February 26, 2011

EG's Love Story -2nd Date

Since the first date went well, the owners planned for a second date for the two hams. By the way, this was back in Jan.

First, the hams were treated to dinner.

Just look at their round shape. Guess who is who?

After eating, some kindda proposal went on...

The couple went on to have their walk together.

Everything went well, until EG misbehaved a little and Herbie gave him one tight slap.

"You Pervert!"

The story continues...


dashingblue said...

Bwahahaha!! So cute!! They both look so alike I can't differentiate who is who!

kisetsu said...

Yah, both of them are grey so they look similar. =)Now Herbie is of the same size as EG. So both round furballs look almost identical from far. =D

wiffy said...

haha so did Herbie get preggie? :p I like the music for the first video... so appropriate "The DJ got us falling in love again" lol!

kisetsu said...

Eh no. EG is too old already. I doubt there will be babies eventhough I kept pestering him for a son. =D

At least he won't be bored in his big home alone now that he has Herbie. But then again, maybe he wasn't too happy to have a naggy and 'slapping' partner staying with him. =D