Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mating Season Part II

Welcome to the "Love Hotel" hammies. Here, you find the super suite costing $30.02/night. There is a free wheel for you to run the whole night. A wooden ladder for you to see the scenery from high-up, and of course, a cozy cotten bedroom fit for two.

Also, we serve you a complimentary treat of citrus muffin, top with raspberry crossys and honey cornflakes. Life is good for a hammie eh?

The two kid were so excited that they explore every corners of the house.

The two of them then proceed to take a rest in the bedroom. Mission accomplished!

Then in the middle of the night, a quarrel broke out again. Oreo and Retardy both vying for the wheel. Oreo lost to Retardy and then kick Tardy outside the bedroom. Poor Retardy sleep on the wooden ladder the whole night. *The instigator give up and fainted on the floor*


dashingblue said...

Omg! I can't help but laugh after reading the whole thing! Oreo is so naughty! Hahaha!

The house is sooo nice! You must have spent a load to buy all these neccessities and food for them. Thanks Pam! =)

I love the white bedding! It is pure and pretty! I am going to get it for my Mayo tomorrow. =)

dashingblue said...

The book didn't state hamsters don't mate in December. But it said hamsters are seasonal breeders - they breed only a certain time of the year.

They also mentioned Estrus where it is the time during the breeding season that the female hamster will permit the male to mate with her. It is a four days cycle throughout the breeding season.


kisetsu said...

I love this white pulp fiber bedding. It's really absorbent like you said. It's 1 week and yesterday it is only a slight change in color but the whole cage stays dry. Tested out with my major pee-pee kings and it's great. I will be using it. however it is very expensive. (T_T)

It's so long, 4 days cycle should have pass like 3 times already, but they stil don't have any improvement. sigh~

dashingblue said...

Yep! Now I can write an article about hamster beddings. Haha! I wanted to try all types of bedding for my hamsters and see which was the most absorbant and the best. =)

Neh... I think it is worth it. Compare using woodshavings which is cheap but you need to change once every one week and using wood pulps which is expensive but you only change once every two weeks. It more or less balance out, you get what I mean? ;P

Maybe like you said it is still winter? So perhaps next year they may start to mate. I am soooo looking forward to little ham-hams.

I was reading your hamster book on how hamsters who make great nest will usually make good future mothers. And Oreo fitted that criterea. =) She can use nesting cotton as well as those wood pulps to make her own nests. ;P

kisetsu said...

Oh yah yah, Oreo really knows how to use the cotton to make a nest. My other hamsters cannot do it. They simply chunked it aside.

It is cute to see the two in action in this new cage. Oreo shred the cotton and lay it nicely in the little house, then Retardy went down to pick up the wood pulp bedding in his mouth and carry it up and put it in. So cute. (this happens before Retardy was kicked out).

They're good now. Both sleeping inside together. I guess the quarrel will start again at night when they fight for the wheel. Heehee.

Yah, should write abt beddings. The corn type of bedding was the worst. After 5 days, it was totally soaked and flies started flying around. The recycled paper type were no better, it soaked and become a mess. The woodshavings, though smell nice and better absorbent then the rest also lose out to this pulp fiber bedding.

dashingblue said...

Awww... So sweet of Retardy! =) Did you take a photo of them sleeping together? It is kinda rare though. >_< Hehe!

This pair certainly reminds of me how they are similar to humans. If the husband ever anger the wife, she will kick him out to sleep in the living room! Hahahaha!!! I watched too much dramas... ;P

I call Oreo the homemaker, just like any other females, they are real good at such stuff. However my Mayo just sleeps next the the cotton balls. -_-" zzzzzz.... But it is kind of cute though. Hehe!

kisetsu said...

It's really hard to catch them on photos because they keep moving around. Moreover they are inside the house. The photo on the last left is actually both of them inside the house. Able to spot them within the cottons?

dashingblue said...

Try using flash, then they won't appear to be so blurred. =) Yep! I can spot them inside the house. Hehe! Did you managed to get a video of them mating or something? ;P

kisetsu said...

No, bf thot he filmed but he forgot to press the 'rec' button. -_-"

dashingblue said...

Hi Pam! How is dear Oreo now? Is she getting any bigger... In her tummy? =P

kisetsu said...

In fact, instead of getting bigger, she's getting fitter. :0

dashingblue said...

Haha! How can you tell? =P

kisetsu said...

Hahaha, see the new boot on Oreo. :)

putra said...

i like hamster so much, that really cute hamster i want to got it one.