Friday, December 7, 2007

Product Review: Books about Hamsters

Though in this era, information can be obtained from the internet. Better yet, check in forums and interact with others, ingexperiences. But somehow, knowledge in the traditional way still come from books. Personally, I recommend these 3 books are a hamster owner 'must have'.

Training Your Pet Hamster - Gerry Buscsis & Barbara Someville

It encompass some good information on how to basic-train the hamsters. Some good instructions on how to potty-train them, getting them to react to your calling and leash-walking these tiny rascals.

My say: The procedures worked more on Syrian hamsters, but on dwarfs, it's kindda hard to potty train them. More likely they use the toilet as their bedroom. Dwarfs totally hate leashes. Mine has since thrown away! But the knock-knock technique is a very good way to let the hamsters familarise you.

Dwarf Hamsters - Sharon L.

Provides info about all the species of dwarf hamsters. From Roborovskis to Winter Whites to Campbells and to the rare Chinese hamsters. This book introduced from the origins of each species to their behaviours, as well as the mating process for each species. It also teaches on the handling of these tiny ones.

My say: Many owners often confuse on differentiating the species. This book provides a good guide to catergorize the hamsters. It specifically address on the behaviours on each species, very useful for the owners to identify. Apart from that, it consists precise info pertaining to dwarfs only.

Hamsterlopaedia - Chris Logsdail, Peter Logsdail & Kate Hovers

This book encompass all types of hamsters, from Syrian to dwarfs. Specifying the hamster symptoms and illness from A-Z. It also provide detailed anatomy of the hamsters. Massive information is available on the mating process and the outcome of the mating. This provide breeders good knowledge on breeding. Overall, this book contains alot of scientific information.

My say: Very detailed and scientifically explains. The A-Z gives owners a good guide to identify the health of their hamsters. A good book that the owners will find handy.

All books are found in Amazon[dot]com.

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