Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mating Season Part I

I came back home to a glum-looking Retardy slumping over the ceramic bowl. Hmmm, I wonder why my Retardy is so quiet today? He looked grumpy, 'sianz 1/2' and nonchalent to the surrounding. "Yo mousey?" He SNUBBED me! How dare you little.... o(>.<)o

"Ooii, look at me!"

He's normally super jumpy when he sees me and will try to wiggle his way up. This time round, he didn't even bother to move. -.-" Oreo mousey was nowhere to be found. Upon further investigation, she hid in the bedroom, camouflaged by the cotton. Sensing my presence, she ran out to greet me. Then jumping up and down saying: "Please let me outta here. Let me out!" (o.O)

Oreo: "Pls help me!"

So when the two met together, Retardy must has been aroused and so he started his move. Oreo has been dodging his advances. And since I was around, the instigation started. I removed the bedroom so Oreo has nowhere to hide and Retardy back into his active self decided to try his luck.

And all along I have been video-tapping the process. Geez, I felt like a baddie doing a porno on the hamsters. :p Tough luck. Oreo was too fast for Tardy. In the end, Tardy didn't get it. He's back to his glumpy self gain, slumping over the metal bowl. Now I get it. No wonder you are in such lousy mood, Oreo never give. Buahaha.

Tardy: "Shuddup, leave me alone!"

My mousey scold me. Son, you must be a man like your dad Chiko! (T_T)


dashingblue said...

Woah! I never saw Retardy doing this to Oreo before! O_o Yes, he really seems interested to mate, but Oreo kept pushing him away. =(

Like you have said, I suppose Oreo needs a little bit more time since she is still young. =)

Oooohh... I miss Oreo already. =)

dashingblue said...

Retardy really got to try harder to win Oreo's heart. *giggles*

kisetsu said...

Oh man, I din sleep well again yesterday nite. The two kept bickering until 5am this morning. =.="

Oreo is so sweet. She always come out to greet me when she senses my presence. Erm, or maybe, she really is asking for help. Teehee.

What is her fav food? I gave her cornflake, sunflower seed, ikan bilis, but she doesn't seems to like it. (o.O)?

dashingblue said...

Oh dear... Poor thing... I thought you don't put your hamsters in your room? O_o

Oreo loves attention. I will always carry her on my palms. Maybe you can try this. =)

She don't really have her favourite food. You can try sunflower seeds (most hammie's fave) or the wang-wang lookalike milk biscuit.

kisetsu said...

Hmmm, I'll try to carry her today. Yesterday I din want to interrupt them too much, so I din pull them out to play.

I only have 3 hamsters in the living room, the rest are all on my bedroom floor. Every nite different hamsters will interrupt my sleep, but yesterday nite was the noisiest. Haha.

Trying to feed Oreo more cos' she is so small. But she is the size same with Timid Retardy (the bro of the white one). I guess some hamsters really cannot grow big.

dashingblue said...

Yep... It is all in the genes... =)