Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Eye

What's up with that scary look, Whitehead?

The hamster version of Sadako from the movie The Ring. I think I call this "The Eye"!


Viggy Sidney the Hamster said...


I'm Viggy Sidney the hamster and I'm glad to see a fellow hamster actor around here XD.

Hope everything is well!

Take care,
Viggy Sidney the hamster

Hamster Hideout said...

hahaha, now your ham has become leading cast of horror movie, poor thing. Your captions are always hilarious!

kisetsu said...

Hi Viggy Sidney, nice to see you dropping by. ;)

HH - that photo gives me the creeps man. Serious. Haha.

dashingblue said...

Whitehead is probably going to say... "I'm only lazying around and I got called the Sadako!"



I find that shot rather artistic... Nice angle... =P Hey, I see that is a ceramic crawl-through toy from Daiso right? =P I have been going back to see if I could get the baby blue colour but it seems like they are all sold out... =( Daiso! More hamster stuff please... *giggles*

ps. Submit your lovely hamster photos (esp. the Mochi together with the mochis photo) to 'Official HH Hamtoria's Secret Project' ok? =)

kisetsu said...

Hahaha. That's funny Jac. But Whitehead is kinda an aggressive hammie, so with that look, even scarier. ;D

I'm not sure the Daiso at IMM, but the one in Vivo has removed the hamster toys section. I can't find any wooden toys anymore. :(

Huh? What is that? Hamtoria Secret Project??? Let me go and take a look. ;P

dashingblue said...

Ooohh... Whitehead... You must not be so agressive to your owner ar... Hamsters must behave and be 'guai guai'. =)

I always go to the Daiso at Plaza Singapura. It is nearer... =P Although the place may be small but that was were I got the yellow ceramic toy. =P Now I can't find it already... =( Yeah... Wooden toys are gone too... No idea why... =(

kisetsu said...

Ha! Tell little Pee-Pee King to be 'guai', not that easy. He has inherited Chiko's aggressiveness. :)

Yah, I used to buy all the wooden cubes and the swing. They just cost 2 bucks, but if buy from petshop it cost like 9 bucks (??), it's more than half the price I can get from Daiso. :(