Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hamsty Family Tree

After so many years of procrastination, I finally kicked my ass to build up this family tree for my hamsty. It's kindda sad actually.

When Chiko and Naughty had their first batch, I thought of creating a blog so I could document their growth along their lives, I procrastinated.

When the second batch arrived, there were so much joy, I wanted to jot down how happy we were to have a white baby hammy. I still procrastinated and no blog done.

I kept on delaying until when the Retardies came along, I finally reserved the blog name Hamsty World. But never a single entry written for one whole year.

Then when my first and second batch passed away and Chiko & Naughty were old and grey, I finally wrote some stuff. It then dawned on me that all these memories had became history. The freshness of joy and the feelings could not be trace back again.

(Click here for clearer view)

So hammies, here is your long awaited family tree. I jotted down your batch number when each one of you was born to this world on an old foolscrap paper. Now I finally put your faces to your batch and name.


dashingblue said...

I also procrastinate a lot... Especially when I study and got to do my assignments. =X Hahahaha!! It is really bad but I guess I can say I am just plain lazy... =P

The family tree is like wow~ So many hamsters!! If I were Naughty, I would have given birth until my legs turned jelly... =_= Haha!

I wish Oreo and Retardy (White) can start their own family tree soon...

kisetsu said...

Give birth until legs turned jelly? (o.O) No lah, this is the whole batches that span over 2 years. And the no. of babies borned per batch is not huge. She is the mother of all the boys. Very motherly hammie who takes very good care of the babies.

Yeah. I long for Oreo and Tardy. How are they huh? Do they still bicker?

Hamster Hideout said...

woah nice family tree!! now I have a better idea of who is who. so the retardies are batch 9? heheh ... this is super cute ♥♡

Hmm, is Naughty and chiko a permanent breeding pair? It's generally very taxing for female hams to have too many litters, especially after a certain ham age ;)

kisetsu said...

Yes, they are an inseparable pair. Chiko gotten exceptionally aggressive when we separate them, so they ended up together back, and really till death do they part.

Yah, I will not allow such thing to happen again. :-o But WW are monogamous pair, separating them from their partners will cause them depression/anxiety. That was why I kept putting them back together.

dashingblue said...

Yes, even last night too, they still bicker... -.-" But after much observation, they were actually making out instead and 95% of the time was Oreo shrieking. Haha!

Oh! That time when Oreo had an op, I had to seperate the pair for about a day or two. But Retardy didn't seem aggressive or anything, maybe just bored.

Now, I feel like getting Mayo a mate Pam... I want Mayo's babies too~ =.= How? You got any female hamsters? I read that Mochi has got balls? And I thought she was a female? O.o

kisetsu said...

Making out. Bwahahaha. Jac, your this comment really makes me LOL. *oh gosh, cannot stop laughing*

Jeez, now you know why Retardy is called Retardy. Slow (reaction=slow).

Haiz, Mochi's case is another saga! I will blog on that soon. You know I put so much high hopes on Moch and now, my dream bubble burst.

dashingblue said...

Hahahaha~ Yea... He is a pretty lazy fella, loves to laze around to pass the day... ^^

I know I know... You wanted Mochi and Hermie to mate... Sigh... You should go back and tell that person off for sexing the hamster wrongly! O.o

Will you be getting another female hamster? Like maybe two? =P I can't afford to buy another one now so thinking of mating Mayo with another of your ham ham... But Mayo is a real gentle boy. Last time Oreo kinda bullied him. =X So I guess he really needs a soft-hearted wife. Wahaha~

kisetsu said...

After careful thot, I decided not to give Moch to Hermie, cos' Hermie's type is motted WW. It might not be good for the genetics. So I decided to use one of my batch. However, the irony!

I'm partly to blame cos' I did not check the gender. I just simply glance over and trust the assistant's judgement. BTW, how old is Mayo now?

dashingblue said...

Oh~ I got Mayo last September 2007 and he was only 5 weeks old.

So now he should be 10 months old. ^^

And yep, his balls are out now... Wahahahaha~

I saw a new hammie name appeared in your hamsty list! Rubie! =)

I think you should expand your hamsty tree again, you forgot to add Oreo as Retardy (White)'s wife. Hehe! =P

kisetsu said...

Ooh, Mayo is so young. Compare to my Retardies who are going to hit the 2years mark soon.

I wanted to add Oreo in the tree, but there is no space left. I'm using powerpoint, thus it was limited to that kindda area. I do hope they have some offsprings so I can create their own tree. :)

There are new faces coming up soon. :p

dashingblue said...

Huh? The retardies are going to 2 years old? What is their exact age now? O.o

I thought the retardies are still young boys, since you still have hamsters from the earlier batch.

Cool~ New faces!

kisetsu said...

Time flies. Retardies are the youngest batch, but age is also coming up cos' all my babies are borned 2006. Retardies' birth is around Aug. So that probably makes them 1 year 10mths now bah.

When Tardy met Oreo, he was ard 1yr 4mths. Still 'sexually active', but I believe once Tardy is over 2yrs. The chances will decrease.

dashingblue said...

Oh dear oh dear... But they still haven't bear any 'fruits' yet... Little ham hams! =(

dashingblue said...

Haha! You should have a tagboard here... =) Many times I wanted to write some comments after reading your twitter notes but can't and had to come here to leave my comment...

Tagboard Pam? =P

I really can't believe Retardy slept on my palm yesterday... It was like the second time a hamster slept like this on my palm! It was so cute~~~ o(^o^)v Haha!

kisetsu said...

No tagboard. It is a source for disaster. :) You can leave comments here or at twitter too. The twitter is like a miniseries, where I pen my short thots down if I'm too busy to blog.

Yah, I never seen/had a ham that sleeps on the hands before. And help me tell Tardy: "Thanks for biting my hand thru' out. Really mei liang xin."

dashingblue said...

I can't use my twitter now that my blog is still in private mode... =( Yeah, sort of... Sometimes, 'bo liao' people will just tag nasty stuff on your tagboard. >_<

Haha! No lar, Retardy just don't really like being carried. He also bit my palm at that time but somehow he just fell asleep... =_=