Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hamlet's Daily Routine

Everyday I observe Hamlet. She really has a schedule to follow.

6.45-7pm: Hamlet usually wakes up around this time.
7.10-7.15pm: Walks out from her nest and look around to see any visitor (me).
7.15-7.30pm: Exercise time. She will always stretch before she starts running (so cute).
8.00-8.30pm: The ocassional 'clean the cage' routine and feeding time.
Till 5am: She will run the wheel the whole night. But she always stops before 6am.
6am-6.45pm: ZZZZZzzzzzz.

And she follows this routine religiously that I can almost catch her timing. It's so easy to catch her on video. One time sums it all up. Haha.

The other time the co-owner exclaimed that Hamlet has grown so big. I couldn't tell the difference actually because I see her everyday. But when I looked at her baby photo, oh my, she really is big now. :)


Hamster Hideout said...

so cute! I love all your ham vids!

kisetsu said...

Thank you thank you. :)

dashingblue said...

Hamlet is all grown up! Haha! Pretty little peachy hamster~ ^^

Ippo said...

O where did you get the swing from?