Saturday, June 21, 2008

Otomen Part II

There are a few 'otomen no hamu' in our hamsty family. Timid Retardy has somewhat outgrown it. Which leaves one fella to be the true-blue otomen!

Yoshi, my truely sweet hammie. He takes great care to groom himself daily. His all white fur was so neatly groomed that it sometimes sparkles under the light. Yoshi is a very clean hamster and his cage is so well kept through his own effort.

Don't be fooled by his demure looks. He can get quite nasty when provoked.


dashingblue said...

I wish Mayo would be as neat and clean as Yoshi. Haha~

I don't know what to do with his yellowed fur... Urine stains or from the scent gland?

kisetsu said...

I guess it is up to each individual hammies' personality bah.

Hamster Hideout said...

sparkling fur! that's a funny description! XD

kisetsu said...

When I enlarged that photo, his fur on the hind do sparkle. No kidding. :)