Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day In Herbie's Household

Yes, it's Herbie's household now. It's no longer Earl Grey's mansion. The henpecked husband gave Herbie the rights to his left wing while he retains his original small humble squatter. Just see how this mistress of the house guards her home. She seals off one of the hideout exits while she stands in front of the other, fending off trepassers (EG).


masterofboots said...

Herbie is so clever and naughty!

kisetsu said...

More like greedy and selfish. Heehee.

Paula Regina said...

Herbie is just cute and beautiful

I'm jealous (jealous good, really) of the fur beautiful and shiny with his hamsters.

Really shines.

Paula- Rio/Brasil

kisetsu said...

Haha, she likes to groom and she also groom her beau Earl Grey as well. Haha. She could be useful for a hamster shampoo commercial. Lol. =D

Paula Regina said...

sHe Could Be useful for the hamster shampoo commercial. Lol. = D

I'm laughing a lot with this possibility and make it a great success! :ODDDDD