Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Food For Thoughts

Eversince Wiffy gave us a healthy mix of cereals for the hammies, we decided it would be best to switch from pet-shop purchased food to self-mix food. Apart from healthy-eating reason, it is also economical for us. We calculate our expenses (buying of their package food monthly) and found that the overall cost of mixing our own is cheaper. It is also viable when we have more than two hamsters as they keep the consumption moving fast.

A one-time bill came upon my gorcery shopping. The hamster food cost amounts to 2/3rd of the bill, but the co-owner reminded that this will last until end of this year or maybe more. True enough, as I start mixing all the stuff, the amount of food came up tremendously alot.

One big bin of hamster mix!

To be packaged for freshness.


wiffy said...

do the hamhams like it? Looks like they are spoilt to the max. Looks delicious :)

btw, for maximum freshness, you can store the excess in freezer, sealed tightly. Also, hamhams need hard foods to gnaw their teeth, so you can either buy some pellet pet food or food block to supplement their diet, coz if not enough gnawing food, they may get overgrown teeth :p

kisetsu said...

I know for one, EG likes flax seeds alot. But another thing I noticed was, they left behind all the sunflower seeds? Maybe no more kicks in de-husking since it is already removed?

Ah yes, I shall buy the pellets. The only thing hard in the mix is barley. I think I will add more hard stuff in. Corn maybe?

wiffy said...

flax seeds are good, make their fur naturally shiny. Yes, once they get unlimited de-shelled sunflower seeds, they get sian of it >.< but if you hand feed them a shelled sunflower seed, they may still grab from u, lol ... corn on the cob is good too, fresh food :)

kisetsu said...

Haha, what is the psychologic theory for the hamsters to only accepts shelled sunflower seeds. Lol, was it they get the kicks of de-shelling it? Haha. They won't fail to amaze me. =D

I was thinking of those hard corn sold in the petshop, for their teeth. Funny, I bought those woods/blocks and they refuse to use them. Instead, they use the wheels, grills and porcelain bowls. Skippy lagi better, use the water bottle metal. *faintz*