Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New Kid Arrives

Co-owner was saying that his mum adopted three baby hamsters from a family who unintentionally let their hamsters breed. Shortly after the adoption, the family unbashfully pushed the parents to her as well (talking about responsibilities). With a sudden influx, co-owner suggested to take one into Hamsty.

It was supposed to be the female coming to our house, but the co-owner who doesn't know how to differentiate the gender of the hamster, brought the male one here instead. -.- The hamster who is now separated from his family is still sulking away in his cage. =.= He came with his face a little disfigured, and so I decided to name him as Scar. He is kind of pleasant and well behaved, quiet and reserved, so different from the male hamsters here. =D Hope he will blend in soon. Age wise - unknown, looks quite young to me.


masterofboots said...

He looks sad :( even little animals have feelings

kisetsu said...

Sure do. He was taken away from his family. *sob sob* That's how many of our hamsters felt when they are removed away from another.

wiffy said...

Scar - reminds me of a character in Full Metal Alchemist called Scar san.

It's kind of you to take him in. He is handsome and I'm sure he will be happy in Hamsty Avenue :))

kisetsu said...

I think he is feminine. =D Think he was tamed by co-owner's mum. Very well-behave and he likes yogurt. =p