Sunday, May 22, 2011

Earless & Bald

Today is the 'D' day for Skippy. After the whole week of soured relationships and refusal to eat her medicine, it has come to the point of no return. (~.~) The hamster knew what was coming and hid in her hideout bricking up the entrance and refused all call attempts to get her out.

Before leaving home to the clinic

(Warning - The photos below might affect one's perception of hamster)

After a week of medication and thyme tea, the bulge shrunk a third, but nonetheless, the base is still growing. After the vet's review, both of us decided it would be best to remove the whole ear. I did initially suggest to keep the ear intact but the vet mentioned that with residue left, the abscess will still grow back. So it's off with the ear.

Skippy recovered fast and thank goodness she woke up fast and so the damage to my pocket was lesser. The vet even gave us back a container with her ear in the preservative solution. =.= I think come next week I will bring that container back to the vet to dispose. Imagine looking at the floating ear inside. *faints*

The vet gave her a bowl of food too! I guessed they realised she is super panicky and traumatised. Right now at home, we transformed her cage to a 'hospital ward'. A ear gone, half her head shaved clean, came back to a home that has no more beddings, imagine how pissed Skippy is right now. Yeah, she's no longer in talking terms with me and I think I best leave her alone for the time being (except for Baytril time). =(


Paula Regina said...

A great joy to know that this Skippy better! My prayers were answered :O)

Be happy to have veterinary care for hamsters in their country. Here in Brazil, even I, who live in a megalopolis, don´t have a service like you describe.

Skiipy is very beautiful even with one ear. Kisses for her.

Ms J said...

Speedy recovery dear Skippy!

masterofboots said...

Poor Skippy...but I'm relieved to see that she's alert though after the surgery. Btw, what does thyme tea do? They drink it or apply it? Where do you get it? I'm wondering if it would help my PipSqueak's abscess/tumour.

kisetsu said...

Paula - Thank you for keeping Skippy in your prayers. She's ok now. I'm surprised there is no vet in Brazil, because I definitely see alot of pet lovers in your country. We are lucky to have many pet clinics around, just that it is very costly.

Ms J - Skippy is on the road to recovery. But she still refuse to eat her medicine. =.=

MoB - All my hamsters passed thru' surgery without incidence. I would say I have confidence in our vets. Now is the aftercare that I'm worried about. Thyme tea is good for hamsters due to its herbal properties. As Skippy's lump is crusting with blood, I used thyme to cleanse away the blood crust. It eventually reduced the lump. Thyme could be bought at supermarkets. Pour hot water to the leaves & sit for 10mins. Use the infused water to clean. This is also good for respiratory problems:-

kisetsu said...

More about thyme.

wiffy said...

poor girl :( does it affect her hearing/senses?

kisetsu said...

She is still as sensitive to all sights and sounds. I think it doesn't impair her since it is only the earlobe.

Then again, I hope nothing will get into her ears. =\

Paula Regina said...

Here are Vets, but little specialized in exotic animals (hamsters here in Brazil are considered exotic).

For dogs, cats and wild birds have Vets and very good, but for hamsters ... is rare!

A Vet for their country could become rich here just taking care of exotic animals. Anyone?

More lovely kisses to Skippy.