Friday, November 7, 2008

I Want To Go Home!

I spent the whole day (the other day) disturbing Baby Mott. And I was having fun! :) Baby Mott has the same attitude like Hermie. She likes to stay inside cage and never likes to come out and play. Have to force her to step out.


dashingblue said...

Hahahahaha!!! Baby Mott! You are so homey... I like to see how you tried to figure a way into the house... Smart ham~ ^^

If I have a ham like Baby Mott, you will most probably seeing me teasing it very much... Haha!

kisetsu said...

Hmmm, I donno why but the 2 motted hamsters also like to hide. They prefer to be in their cages instead of coming out to play.

But sometimes when tease too much, the ham will get angry and they will show their temper. Hahaha, Very cute.

wiffy said...

wahahahaha! I lol-ed when I see this video. Your captions are always so suitable and funny =D

Looks like BB Mott really likes her home ... I think it's a sign of a contented hamham. I like how she scale up to the second floor without the stairs... very agile! ^^

kisetsu said...

Baby Mott is a good climber. She has no problem climbing any other things. Too bad, I changed her cage already and there is no grills for her to climb. Me thinks must let her preserve her climbing skills.

Ippo said...

That's a cute cage!
I wish all my hamsters prefer to stay in their cages.
Baby Mott has very cute coat.

kisetsu said...

This cage is cute and easy to maintain. However, it's kindda small and I have relocated to another one for Baby Mott. She no longer have the grills to climb. Sobz.